SMID are currently compiling information on all active Scottish practitioners within the music industries and supporting services. It’s main focus will be on contemporary or popular music activities with the view to delivering a one stop shop for information.

There are many directories out there but none that focus specifically on Scotland. Huge chunks of regional data is usually missing or out of date and it is hoped that SMID will fill in the gaps.

Who will use it? Practitioners, Bands, Artists, Students and anyone with interest in the Scottish Music Industries.

Why do you want my information? We are hoping to collate information from as many people as possible to ensure that the most comprehensive information is avaialable. You don’t have to be an industry veteran to be included. If you actively work in music we want to include you.

How will it be delivered? By harnessing the use of a new technology the directory will be delivered online in a very visual way. Not specific we know but we’d rather keep those details private just for just now. If you would like to discuss this privately we are more than happy to discuss it further.

It is then hoped through developement that print and app formats will soon follow but our main focus at the moment is collecting as much information as possible. We hope that this will be of use to you and many others in the very near future.

To be added to the directory click here.